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The Beer is Nearly Here!

Cville Bilsner

And it shall be called “Cville Bilsner!”

In case you have been living under a rock (which we assume you aren’t because that is what Jets fans do), South Street is brewing us a beer. After a few surveys, you, the CBBB, elected to have it called “Cville Bilsner.”

It is being brewed as we type (and not because of our typing) and should be on draft for opening night!

Speaking of Opening Night, on Thursday the 8th of September, when the Bills embarrass the Rams during their Championship Banner raising, South Street will be offering a “Steal the Pint Night” for the CBBB! It’s simple. Come to the game, order a beer, and get one of our swell, new logo, pint glasses….to take home.

Friendly reminder: This is a South Street promotion, therefore we, the CBBB board folks, have no ability to save or pre-sell glassware. You must attend. You must buy a beer. If you contact us and ask for us to save you one, you will be mocked publicly by Steve Tasker.