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Bills v Titans



We are about to start printing knock-off Super Bowl tickets so that we can all sneak into the big game. After seeing that 1st game, ya know the Bills are going. Right?


If you are buying that guarantee, then we have some empty bar space to sell ya over at Stonefield.


One game at a time, gentle children. One game… and this one is another good challenge as the Bills play their home opener against the Oilers…what? They moved? They are in Nashvegas now?  Well, the Oilers name needs to change….oh, they did that too? Titans? The Tennessee Titans. Ok. It sounds alliterative, at least… kind of like the Sheboygan Shambles.


Anyway… it’s a Monday Night game at the Ralph…what now? Oh. At the Highmark thing. South Street is not open on Mondays, so for this week only, The CBBB will be at Shadwell’s…huh? Really? No kidding. They changed their name too. Piedmont Bar & Kitchen! Kick-off is at 7:15 PM. Directions and info are here.


“Are there specials?” you may ask.


No go ahead. We will wait.


“Are there specials?”


Why, yes, there are. Buy a bucket of 5 bottles of beer and you get 20% the total cost!


Thanks for asking. Seeing you there.


Friendly reminder: This game is NOT at South Street. There will be no CBBB glassware available! If you ask for some, you will be mocked publicly by Ryan Miller.


Go Bills!