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Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

Bills at Ravens

Okay. Okay. The Bills were going to lose one or two this season. Don’t be glum. We all got to see “The Butt Punt” live!

We have added to the Pantheon of “The Butt Fumble” and it nearly won us a game.

So what’s left? How about…

The Butt Interception!!!!

Now that would be truly amazing…mostly, because to intercept is to grasp the ball all the way to the ground without losing control.

Think of it! Okay, not that much.

Think of the Next Gen Stats that could be generated:

CFI: Clenchability Factor Index
RACY: Run after Clench Yards
FART: Football Anal Retention Factor
POOPIE: Points off of Pass Interception Em-butt-zlement

Ah, it’s good to be in the third grade again.

Come on down to South Street this Sunday at 1 PM to see if anyone has a Derrière extraordinaire and to watch the Bills right the ship against the Ravens.

This week’s raffle will feature a Josh Allen jersey so bring some fun money.

Friendly reminder: It’s still $3.50 for a Cville Bilsner pint pour and $5 to buy one of our CBBB pint glasses while supplies last.

Go Bills!