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CBS 19 Returns to See Our Damar Hamlin Charitable Effort

Our Charlottesville Buffalo Bills Backers were inspired by the EMS folks who help3d save Damar Hamlin’s life.

CBS 19 came to highlight our charity event to benefit Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad (C.A.R.S.).

“In light of the Damar Hamlin situation, we just recognize that obviously first responders are important. C.A.R.S. also has CPR classes and we just want to do whatever we can locally so that way if God forbid anybody else in our community is in a situation like that or on any level. We want to support it,” said Patrick Webb in the interview.

For the next month through the Super Bowl, South Street Brewery will be donating a dollar for every Cville Bilsner that is sold.

South Street Brewery is estimated to have raised more than $400 from Sunday’s game for C.A.R.S.

Check out the news report from CBS 19 now!

Beer for C.A.R.S.